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Democrats Believe GOP Immigration Stance Will Hurt Republicans in 2014 Mid-term

One such Democrat is Representative Joe Crowley of New York who said "Republicans will suffer in this year’s elections if the U.S. House doesn’t pass a comprehensive immigration plan ...
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Denver Immigration Lawyers Fight To Enter Federal Building

A lawsuit was filed in federal court last week stating that a recent Denver federal court policy constituted an abusive and intimidating practice and was a deterrent to immigrants who have ...
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Maybe Immigration Reform Is Not Dead Yet

Could immigration reform still be alive? In the world of the typical politics that question could be preferenced with immigration reform during a year of midterm elections is as likely as the chance ...
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Mark Zuckerberg Continues Campaign Against Republicans

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is continuing to help pro-immigration groups to fight for immigration reform. His recent campaign includes helping defeat Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King. ...
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Will House Republicans Pass Immigration Reform Bills

Do you recall the beginning of this year when House Republicans announced that they would help get immigration reform passed once the 2014 midterm primaries were over? Well, this is just out from the ...
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House Democrats Launch 'DemandAVote' Discharge Petition

With House Democrats recent launch of 'DemandAVote' discharge petition to allow H.R. 15 which is a bipartisan immigration reform bill we will see if it makes it to the House floor for a vote. ...
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Pro-Immigration Groups Push House GOP On Immigration

Democrats put together a last-ditch effort to bring a vote on immigration reform in the House. Yesterday, House Democrats began going after pivotal Republican legislators in hopes of pressuring House ...
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Will Obama Use Power Of Pen On Immigration Reform

Many pro-immigration organizations want to blame President Obama solely for not getting immigration reform passed, this really is not the case. They believe he should just sign an executive order to ...
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Immigration Reform Needs Help From Mark Zuckerberg

With the United States immigration problem left unfixed, our country continues to suffer because of a radical group within the Republican Party. House Republicans continue to kill immigration reform ...
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Fight Over Bush's Immigration Remarks Shows GOP's Immigration Delemia

It is hard to believe that just three little words, "act of love" from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has started a fire fight over immigration reform. This week has reminded everyone of how ...
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Bush - Boehner Fight About Immigration Reform

Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) are butting heads in regards to comprehensive immigration reform. This would appear to be the start of the internal battle that the ...
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Protesters Pickett Dona Ana Sheriff's Deputies Immigration Tactics

Yesterday, a small group of picketers held large signs which was mostly written in Spanish saying "polimigra" and "Sheriff es sheriff. Migra es migra," they were protesting ...
Continue reading "Protesters Pickett Dona Ana Sheriff's Deputies Immigration Tactics" »

Immigration Is 'Not A Felony' So Says Bush

During a recent interview, former Florida governor, Jeb Bush said that people who come to the United States undocumented are often just wanting an opportunity to provide for their families that they ...
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GOP Look At Military Service For Immigration

With comprehensive immigration reform practically killed this year by the majority of House Republicans. Now a handful of House Republicans are trying to devise a plan which would allow young ...
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Gutierrez Tells GOP To Move On Immigration

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) has thrown down the gauntlet to his Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives. Gutierrez recently told them that if they don't allow a vote on immigration ...
Continue reading "Gutierrez Tells GOP To Move On Immigration" »

Republicans Kill Immigration Reform In Budget

House Republicans killed a Democratic attempt to get comprehensive immigration reform put on a Republican budget. The Democratic measure was to say the least a Hail Mary attempt to try and add a House ...
Continue reading "Republicans Kill Immigration Reform In Budget" »

Catholic's Demand Border Immigration Reform

A number of Catholic leaders from all over the United States went to the border between Arizona and Mexico recently to demand for immigration reform to our countrys' broken immigration system. ...
Continue reading "Catholic's Demand Border Immigration Reform" »

GOP Hoping Immigration Reform Is Killed

Just last year, the Senate passed a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill that President Obama said he would sign into law the minute it hit his desk. Even presidential hopeful Marco Rubio ...
Continue reading "GOP Hoping Immigration Reform Is Killed" »

Condi Rice Calls For Immigration Reform

During an address last week, former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Condi Rice called upon all Republicans to embrace comprehensive immigration reform at the National Republican ...
Continue reading "Condi Rice Calls For Immigration Reform" »

President Supports House Democrats Discharge Petition

President Obama made a statement yesterday about House Democrats' attempt to move forward on immigration reform by using a discharge petition. The president applauded House Democrats' courage ...
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Democrats Use Discharge Petition For Immigration Reform

As a show of solidarity yesterday House Democrats stood on the east steps of the Capitol yesterday's to put added pressure on House Republicans to get comprehensive immigration reform passed. ...
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Tech Leaders Pushing Republicans On Immigration Reform

Immigration reform may just be saved from leaders within business and the tech sector. Immigration reform is facing very long odds in regards to getting passed this year but the United States tech ...
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House Democrats Look To Bypass GOP Over Immigration

In an attempt to fire up their base House Democrats are looking to jump start the debate over comprehensive immigration reform this week. The House Democratic leadership intends to use what is called ...
Continue reading "House Democrats Look To Bypass GOP Over Immigration" »

President Say Immigration Reform Before 2017

President Obama believes that comprehensive immigration reform will get passed before he gets out of office in 2017. During an interview with Univision the president said that: "I believe it will ...
Continue reading "President Say Immigration Reform Before 2017" »
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